// Or Ron

I’m a full-stack software developer specializing in iOS. I'm a technology and innovation addict and can always be found scanning the recent tech news over a cup of iced coffee.

I started programming and hacking at age 13, mostly modifying IRC clients and exploring hacking tools - a legitimate script kiddy. Since then I've gained extensive experience in mobile and security, with a deep understanding of product and UI.

In my personal time I love to practice the piano and play League of Legends, and you can always catch me working on a cool side project.


We all hate to copy and paste boring and repetitive boilerplate code. It happens in every project, iOS in particular. It appears in many places throughout our code base and it’s an indirect violation of the DRY principle. We all know that it’s a bad sign.
The story begins with my infinite passion for side projects and small challenges. As a software developer, I’m constantly searching for cool projects to work on, AKA #SideProject. When I decided to propose, I knew I had to take that passion and make the perfect personalized proposal.


A visual search engine powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.
Share exciting photos with your friends in an exciting way - and get rewarded for it!


Full-Stack Swift @ TLV iOS Developer Meetup


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